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AYS NE Revs Night

Sat. 9/10

Come tailgate with AYS & celebrate the start of the fall season!

Latest News!

Soccer is Cancelled !
All Rec Games and Programs are cancelled for Saturday Oct. 1,2016. 



                         Abington High School Turf Complex Rules and Policies- Rules will be strictly enforced

                        All organized group events or activities must be scheduled through Abington Public Schools.
                       For information on using this facility please email
                       In case of an emergency or injury call 911
                       Use field complex at your own risk

To ensure a safe and well-maintained facility, the following articles and activities are PROHIBITED on ALL complex areas:

 Dogs or other pets
All food and beverages, except water, including gum, shelled seeds or nuts. NO COFFEE
 Chairs or tables
 Glass of any type
 Smoking, use of smokeless tobacco products and nicotine products. This includes e-cigarettes and vaporizers
 Unauthorized vehicles, bicycles, skateboards or scooters
 Golfing or throwing activities such as hammer, shot, discus or javelin
 Sharp objects including corner flags or tent spikes
 Tailgating
 Cooking or open flames
 Fireworks
 Marking of any lines with paint or any other substance
 Metal cleats or high heeled shoes
 Suntan lotions, oils or creams of any kind. Please apply before entering turf facility.
 Bug spray, lotion or oils of any kind. Please apply before entering turf facility.
 Spitting
 No outside equipment
Considerations to keep the turf clean, safe and well-maintained
 Please carry, lift or wheel all goals and equipment. Do NOT drag items
 Please deposit trash in receptacles provided
 Please do not use any cleaning products on the turf. Notify the school of any potential hazards and it will be addressed.
 Please encourage participants to refrain from spitting on the turf.
 Please notify the school IMMEDIATELY if any damage has occurred to the turf or the complex


Fall Rec Rosters! Updated!

Here are our Fall Rec rosters below. Your coach should contact you shortly!

Grade K Girls

Grade K Boys

Grade 1/2 Girls

Grade 1/2 Boys

Grade 3/4 Girls

Grade 3/4 Boys

Grade 5/6 Girls

Grade 5/6 Boys

Grade 7/8/9 Boys

Grade 7/8/9 Girls

*The Mini Kicker (Preschool) sessions will be Saturdays: Boys 8 - 8:45 am, Girls 9 - 9:45 am. 

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